Top 10 Best Haircuts for Oval Faces

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Some women make the mistake of simply following a celebrity’s hairstyle without thinking about whether it would complement or suit their face well enough. Before I tell you the best haircuts for oval faces, consider a couple of things first. Are you right about the shape of your face? You expect this article to be concentrated on oval shapes, so it is important that you first figure yours out as you might be making a mistake in the first place. Your face might not be this shape.

What is the Shape of Your Face?

Whether it is for applying mineral makeup, makeup  or hairstyle, taking into account your true face shape is important to looking your best. Do you know the shape of your face? Is it oval, round, square, heart or long? Once you know that, it would be easier to gauge what hairstyle would suit you very well.

Take a good look at your face and compare its width with its length. If the width is less than the length by one third, then you’ve got an oval face. Consider yourself very lucky then. It is common belief that practically any hairstyle would suit those with an oval shaped face.

But in truth, that’s not exactly how it is. Women like Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes have oval shaped faces but their individual features are very much different. So though it is generally said that almost all hairstyles would suit those with this kind of face, that’s not so for all individuals having the same visage.

Taking into account a person’s individual features is important. For example, Eva Gardner has larger and sharper facial features compared to Jessica Alba. So a haircut that brings out the beauty of Eva’s prominent features will be the key focus.

How large is your nose? What shape is it? Do you have large protruding ears that you want to hide behind your hair? Is there any scar on your forehead you want to hide with your hair?

Another key aspect to consider is whether it would suit you and your lifestyle. Perhaps, you may not want long tresses like Kate Middleton’s hair which require much maintenance and might even be bothersome at times. Instead a pixie cut like Emma Watson’s might appeal to you as it does to me.

I love short hair not only because there is less fuss with it but it also looks neat most of the times. I don’t have to worry about the wind blowing away my hair and creating a mess. Anyway, the choice is yours. Generally, those with oval shaped faces are indeed lucky.

Any updos, waves, braid, chignon, top knots, ponytail, you name it would suit them. Here is my list of top 10 hairstyles that will most suit oval faces (generally):

best haircut for oval faces

1) Waves at Shoulder Length

A simple, tousled and wavy hairstyle similar to that of Jessica Alba’s is one of them. The waves will add more volume to your crowning glory and make your cheeks seem rounder, making the length seem shorter. If you have fine hair, think about using a hair volumizing shampoo and mousse to add more volume to your crowning glory.

miley cyrus oval haircut2) Long, Curly and Layered Crowning Glory

Does this hairstyle remind you of anyone? Yes, it is none other than Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s favorite hairstyle.



best haircut for oval face3) Curved Bangs

Curved bangs would also make a great hairstyle if they aren’t blunt. They should curve beautifully at the sides, nicely framing your eyes as in the case of Liv Tyler’s hairstyle.



best haircut for oval face4) Boho Waves

If you like Kate Hudson’s distinctive look of hair lifted up a bit at the top with fullness on both sides, then go for it.



best haircuts for oval face5) A Shaggy Bob

For those who prefer shorter hair which skims their shoulder, you may love the shaggy bob hairstyle as sported by Emily Blunt. This choppy style makes the hair look thicker at the jaw area, the place where your face might seem the thinnest. Yes, the thicker hair sort of fills up the space there.Maintaining the shaggy bob style is rather easy. But if you have thick and wavy hair, you may find it a bit hard to maintain it.


pixie cut6) Pixie Cut

This is my favorite hairstyle as sported by Emma Watson. As long as it is not squared off on top and make your visage appear longer, it should be fine.


straight crown 7) Straight Crowing Glory with a Lift

Beyoncé Knowles loves to sport straight hair with a lift. As long as it is not flat to the head and make your visage seem longer, it should be fine.


side sweep8) Side-sweep Crowning Glory

Have you ever seen Julianne Moore with her easygoing side-sweep crowning glory? She has got a side parting with hair that is swept to the side in a haphazard fashion. The hairstyle makes her visage seem softer.


crowning glory9) Crowning Glory with the Look of a Curtain

If you want to know how a lovely window dressing hairstyle looks like, take a look at Mila Kunis’ hairstyle. It flatters her face remarkably.


Mary-Kate_Olsen_200910) A Polished Texture Appearance

The polished texture look is sported by none other Elizabeth Olsen. It gives her a soft look.

Some women have straight hair while others may have wavy or even kinky hair. Once again, let me tell you the general rule. If you have straight hair, you are advised to avoid all-one-length long hair which will weigh down your face at all costs. Opt for a layer cut that starts below the eyes.

For those who have curly or wavy crowning glory, you may want to consider cutting them up to skim your shoulders. A side parting to augment your cheekbones will be a great idea. Women who have naturally kinky hair may want to give a super short or afro style a shot. It might give your visage the perfect balance.

Hair Color

As I said earlier, if you have an oval shaped face, you are indeed lucky. You can dye your hair any color you want and look good. If you want something different or eye-catching, choose from copper, bold red, platinum blonder or rich chocolate.

Indeed you can choose from any of the ten hairstyles for your visage. But make sure that it brings out the best of your features. If you aren’t sure of which hairstyle might suit you very well, make it a point to ask your hairstylist during your next visit to the hair salon. A second opinion from an expert can come in very handy. After reading my top 10 best haircuts for oval faces, you should get a general idea of which direction to go.