What is the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion?

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Before I tell you about the best indoor tanning lotion 2014, let me explain a bit about what this specific liquid is all about. It is meant to quicken the tanning process by helping to promote the production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to skin. And no, it isn’t a sunscreen and isn’t meant to be used under the Sun. In fact, exposure to the Sun’s UV rays after applying this lotion is not a good idea. This is because it offers no protection from the Sun’s UV rays. So there might be probability of skin damage. What is its purpose then? This particular lotion is meant to be used with a tanning bed. Another benefit of using this specific liquid is in terms of moisturizing. As you may know, tanning, whether indoors or outdoors can dehydrate skin quite badly. This liquid which usually contains oils like hempseed oil moisturizes skin very well. Some lotions for tanning indoors contain bronzers, which can be natural or chemical based. Some of the natural bronzers are riboflavin and caramel.

Keep In Mind

Bear in mind these type of bronzers don’t last long. They can be easily washed away. The chemical based bronzer usually contains DHA, which gives complete darker color after around four to six hours. So what is the best tanning lotion for indoors this year?

 So, which do I get?

When it comes to sales and property, Luminary 25x  Bronzer  seems like a good pick. Though more costly than another great product, Black 20X by Designer Skin, this particular product has better effects. If your budget is tight, then take a look at the Black 20X, which has a bronzing property and gives a wonderful smell when applied to your body and face. It also gives a nice and deep tan. Generally, products by Designer Skin seem to win the prize when it comes to best liquids for tanning indoors. But I think Luminary 25X Black Label Private Reserve L.E.D, click to see recent prices takes the best prize. Its silicone emulsion not only maintains your skin’s deep tan but also hydrates your skin and makes it look great. Another great feature of this specific product is its L.E.D. If you are the sort of person who tans frequently, then you may realize at some point that your skin begins to show its toll. It might be raw, inflamed or even have a skin disorder. The L.E.D complex sets free the healing ability of light to assist in stimulating rejuvenation of cells. As a result, skin is repaired by itself. The product’s Label Private Reserve refers to the brand’s special blend of bronzer which is saved for expensive formulas. Yes, as the thought might have just crossed your mind, this product is very costly with a 13.5 ounce bottle costing $120 or so. But believe it or not, with some shopping around online, you can get it for less than 50 percent with no effect on its quality.

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The truth is that there is no such thing as the best lotion for tanning indoors for any particular person. It all boils down to preference. For example, you may not like the Luminary 25X Black Label Private Reserve’s sweet champagne smell on your skin. So try out a couple of samples first if you can and then decide on what is the best product for you. Actually, the best way is the natural way. Simply go out into the sun and get some exposure, but do not forget your clothes. You can still even in spring while you rock it out with your dress.


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