Eye Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

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Nearly half the world’s population has brown eyes, light, very dark, medium dark, you name it. But don’t worry. This does not mean you can’t stand apart from others. It is simply a matter of how you apply your makeup, the colors you choose and how you bring out brown color. If your skin is sensitive to make up, try one without bismuth oxychloride.

Yes, you might have the same color like half the world’s population. But remember there are such things like shape and size. And don’t forget your lashes, lids and brows too. For example, I am lucky enough to have naturally curling lashes with a pair of averaged sized almond eyes.

So I don’t need to use a curler or try to do something to make them seem bigger or smaller. One of the best eye makeup tips for brown color eyes is using a concealer. Many women have dark circles under their eyes. Just take a drop or two of concealer and pat it on the dark circle area.

eye makeup for brown eyes.


Another great tip is to use a primer for longer lasting make-up. Believe me, not even heavy rain or sweat can affect it then. Get a good primer and apply it before putting on your eye-shadow. If you love the look of rainbows, then here is a good tip.

Use three color tones and blend them nicely. To start with, use a light color on your lid and work up to your brow bone. Then apply the medium color to your lid. Don’t use it on the brow. Follow it with dark color just on the crease. That’s it.

If you want something striking, use the light color on the inner corner. Apply a bit of this color where your upper lid meets the lower lid. So what colors would be best for brown colored eyes? Have you ever tried cobalt blue eye-shadow? Here is an absolutely striking shade that I love: Pure Color Gelée Powder – Fire Sapphire by Estée Lauder.

You can buy it for $24 or perhaps even less online. The contrast of this blue with brown (does not matter how dark or light) is sure to attract attention. If you happen to have dark and rich brown colored eyes, give Estée Lauder’s Pure Color – Purple Passion a shot. You can get it for $22 or perhaps even less online.

Since all these colors have a shine to them, I think they are more suitable for casual outings, formal dinners and so on, not something that you should wear for your office or business meetings. Another lovely color that is perfect for a night out partying is Gold Green Metallic Shade by M.A.C. This color will definitely make a striking contrast to brown. You may also want to try out the hot pink shade by Christian Dior for a night out partying.

To bring out the reddish color of your brown eyes, try a copper shade. Now what do you wear for office or any other official functions? Try deep blue eye-shadow without any shine. One product that I love is Color Intrigue – Indigo by Elizabeth Arden. You can get it for $16 now instead of $30 via Amazon.

And of course, don’t forget to use black or even purple mascara after curling your lashes if they are not naturally curly. Use a black or dark brown liquid or pencil liner as the final touch. Applying the liquid liner prior to applying the eye-shadow is not wise. You may smudge your make-up. So use the liquid liner last.

For better color effects, take a bit of the eye-shadow and apply it on your brows too. Use a black or even dark brown liquid liner or pencil liner instead for office or business meetings. You would want to project a professional image and not a party image by using vivid colors like blue. Remember the trick to wearing the best make-up for your beautiful brown colored eyes is to choose the right shades of colors, how you apply the make-up and how you bring out brown color.

eye makeup tips for brown eyes